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Battleground Michigan

Battleground Michigan is a critical program for the GOP and will help us build the most robust voter file in Michigan history. The data generated will help all of our candidates target their television, mail, and digital advertising and make us more competitive against Democrats in 2022.

As part of our commitment to the grassroots, Chairman Weiser established a $2 million fund for the program – money that will go directly to the county parties for their work and be available to the parties as early as May 1, 2021.

The goal of the program is to ID as many voters prior to the fall of 2022 to help in our efforts to elect Republicans from Governor and Legislature down to County Commission and City Council.

Program Details

Only MIGOP County Parties are eligible to receive funds but can distribute to local organizations and activists as they see fit.

County Chairs will be charged with recruiting organizations and volunteers to knock on doors or make phone calls using the Campaign SideKick app. Think outside the box: Recruit YRs, other local GOP-aligned clubs. Offer revenue shares or other opportunities to work together to achieve this goal.

Each time a county reaches 2.5% of their goal (50% plus one of expected turnout in each county), they will be paid for the voters identified.

Each door ID will generate $0.50 and each phone ID $0.25. IDs must be completed using Campaign Sidekick, the official voter contact app for MIGOP and the House and Senate campaign committees, which will be used to measure performance. We will do onboarding and training sessions for chairs and other county representatives.

MRP will provide additional details and instructions prior to the rollout.

The statewide infrastructure this program will build will also be used for an election reform citizens’ initiative, door-to-door efforts in the fall of 2022, and GOTV.

The 3 top-performing counties each month will receive a $500 financial bonus.

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