BREAKING: Gretchen Whitmer Is Still Ridin’ With Biden 

October 5 2021

BREAKING: Gretchen Whitmer Is Still Ridin’ With Biden

October 5, 2021

LANSING, MICH – Today, Gretchen Whitmer welcomed, with open arms, her fellow promise-breaker in Chief, President Biden. President Biden claimed he would not raise taxes on middle America. Well, unfortunately, that’s a broken promise. We expected nothing less from Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer were joined by congressional Democrats today in Howell. Our question to them: Are you ok with taxes going up on middle class Michiganders? Why not be honest about it?

The economic recovery in Michigan is being smothered by irresponsible spending, crippling inflation and ineffective leaders at the helm of the state and federal government 

  • Today, Joe Biden was in Howell, MI promoting his $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” plan.
  • Biden is meeting Operating Engineers 324
    • Operating Engineers 324 Political Director William Miller III expressed his gratitude to the Michigan Republican Party in sponsoring the MIGOP’s Mackinac conference last week – the first time they have done so. (Check the links here, one didn’t work for me)
    • The operating engineers have common ground with Republicans on many issues such as building the tunnel to house Enbridge’s line 5 pipeline and the repeal of the pension tax.


  • Whitmer endorsed Joe Biden for president during the primary in 2020.
  • Despite repeatedly denying she was seeking the vice presidency, Whitmer was behind the scenes shamelessly seeking the job. She was All In for Joe Biden.
    • Whitmer said the quiet part out lout when she said a lot of “nice stuff has happened” to her when she raised her national profile during the pandemic and got on Biden’s radar.
    • Whitmer appeared almost daily on cable TV shows including a Daily Show appearance and hired a Pete Buttigieg aide to help prep her as she auditioned for the vice presidency.
    • Whitmer traveled to Wilmington, DE to interview with Joe Biden despite her own administration’s guidance telling Michiganders not to travel.
    • She later admitted she wanted to be Biden’s vice president and would have accepted if asked.
    • Whitmer even floated herself for Biden’s cabinet.
  • Whitmer praised Biden leadership promising he will “provide the much-needed national leadership to tackle this pandemic and begin our economic recovery.”
  • Whitmer even modeled her “Build A Better Michigan” plan after Joe Biden’s build back better plan


  • Joe Biden is trying to jam through an irresponsible $2 trillion spending plan that will stifle the economic recovery and bury future Americans with debt
  • Even President Obama’s economic advisor warned that trillions in new spending is a recipe for more inflation and higher prices.
  • Consumers are getting “socked” with higher prices at grocery stores, coffee shops and drug stores.
  • The rise in inflation has wiped out recent wage gains.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal “higher inflation is here to stay for years…”
  • Since 2018, Michigan lost 24.3 percent of its automobile manufacturing jobs.
  • Auto sales have been declining nationally and American car companies are getting edged out by foreign competitors which now make up a majority of the market share of cars sold in America.
  • During the pandemic, Whitmer neglected to declare the auto industry an essential industry to the Michigan economy.


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