Don’t Let The Whitmer Administration Memory Hole What They Did To You

March 23 2022

Polling Shows Democrats Are About To Lose Power, They Desperately Want You To Forget About Everything That Happened In The Last 3 Years

“Gretchen Whitmer wants to distract voters and re-write history when it comes to her disastrous lockdowns that kept children out of the classroom and shuttered livelihoods,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Communications Director. “Our lack of economic progress started before the pandemic began and has only gotten worse thanks to her policies while in office. Michiganders won’t forget her failure to keep the promises she made to voters and will vote to retire Whitmer this fall, electing a new Republican governor to bring opportunity and prosperity to all.”

Now We Know That Whitmer Has Learned Absolutely Nothing Over The Last Few Years 

·         Today marks the two-year anniversary of the start of the Whitmer lockdowns

  • On Monday, Whitmer was asked by WDIV to reflect on how she handled COVID-19 and when asked if she would have done anything differently, Whitmer blew the question off.
  • It appears that Whitmer has learned nothing from her mistakes and if reelected would not hesitate to lock the state down again.

Whitmer Shut Down The State’s Economy 

  • The Whitmer Administration violated the constitutional rights of Michiganders in the name of public health through arbitrary rules.
  • When the Pandemic hit in February 2020, Whitmer’s reckless and arbitrary business shutdown wreaked havoc on the state economy, causing Michigan to fall into a much deeper recession than the country as a whole.
    • The unemployment rate in Michigan skyrocketed 19.9 percentage points to a record high of 23.3 percent.
    • Nationally, unemployment only surged 11.3 percentage points and peaked at 14.8 percent
    • 37 percent of all small businesses in the state were forced to close – a much higher rate than the country as a whole.
      • As of January 2022, 7.9 percent of small businesses never came back.
      • Small business income dropped 57.4 percent during the pandemic.
  • According to an April 2021 study sponsored by Facebook, 36 percent of small businesses in Michigan laid off staff during the pandemic with 56 percent of those small businesses reported that they laid off half or more of their staff.
  • Today, the economy has still not recovered from the lockdowns:
  • Unemployment is still up more than a percentage point from its March 2020 low.


Michigan Paid Out $8.5 Billion In Fraudulent Or Improper Unemployment Claims 

Whitmer’s Lockdown Derailed Our Kids’ Educations


Despite Suffocating Our Kids, Whitmer Failed To Protect Our Most Vulnerable Population – Senior Citizens

  • Whitmer ignored warnings from the Healthcare Association of Michigan (Nursing Home Association) who advised Whitmer to isolate COVID-19 infected nursing home residents from the general population.
    • Whitmer ignored the warnings and kept COVID-19 positive patients in the same facility.
    • Data was available in April 2020 that showed nursing home deaths were rising.
    • In July 2020, Whitmer vetoed a bill requiring COVID-19 positive patients to be transferred out of their nursing home to keep healthy residents safe.
  • In December 2020, Whitmer vetoed legislation which would join Michigan in a 34-state nursing license reciprocity compact allowing Michigan to recognize out-of-state nurses and allow them to practice in Michigan.
    • The Michigan Nurses Association President Julia Schneider blasted the veto saying “participation in the compact would have been particularly helpful during the current COVID pandemic, as it would support needed nurse staffing in Michigan.”
  • The Office Of The Auditor General (OAG) found that Michigan health officials unreported long-term care facility and nursing home deaths by 42 percent.
    • The report found that Michigan health officials chose not report patients who left a long-term health care facility with COVID-19 who were not expected to return to the facility and later died in the hospital.
    • Nursing homes were only required to report the total number of deaths and did not have to provide the names, date of birth, date of death or social security numbers of the deceased.
    • Nearly 2,400 nursing home deaths were not reported.
    • There were 8,061 deaths related to long-term care facilities between January 2020 and July 2021.


Polling Shows That The Democrats Are Facing A Tough Election And Could Get Wiped Out – They Are Desperate For You To Forget What They Did To You And Your Kids 

  • A Detroit News Poll in January showed that Michiganders have a bleak view of the state’s future.
    • 48 percent of respondents said Michigan is on the wrong track compared to only 36 percent saying the state is on the right track.
    • If the election was held today, Whitmer would lose to a generic Republican and Republicans have not even picked their candidate yet.
    • Only 40 percent of respondents would commit to re-elect her with more respondents preferring the state is led by someone else.
    • Michiganders may like Whitmer personally but they also think she is bad at her job and want to explore alternatives.
  • After the election of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who won an upset victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe, Larry Sabado lamented that we were witnessing a potential foreshadow of the 2022 gubernatorial elections.

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