Drunk on Power Dana Nessel has been dealt a resounding defeat

June 28 2022

Michigan Supreme Court Invalidates Nessel’s Attempt to Persecute Political Enemies

LANSING, MICH — Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser today issued a statement following a ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court that invalidated Dana Nessel’s attempt to persecute her political enemies:

“Drunk on power Dana Nessel has been dealt a resounding defeat by the Michigan Supreme Court, as they unanimously opposed the attorney general’s unlawful crusade against former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder,”said Ambassador Ron Weiser, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. “Nessel’s term has been focused on the political persecution of her enemies from the very start, and the court’s acknowledgement of her legal malfeasance is a victory for all. In November, Michiganders won’t allow Dana Nessel to spend more taxpayer resources hunting down those she simply disagrees with, as they vote to usher in a new era with a Republican at the helm.”

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