Dana Nessel Is Drunk On Power!

She's politicizing the office of the Attorney General to go after political enemies or anyone who defies her. She's threatened to jail Matt DePerno for simply running against her!

She jailed a pizza shop owner for denying the same COVID-19 rules that Gretchen Whitmer broke several times over her tenure as Governor. It rules for thee but not for elitists like Gretchen Whitmer and Dana Nessel.

She's even threatened religious institutions. A sitting judge accused Dana Nessel of committing a targeted attack against a sincerely held belief -- violating our constitution!

She's using the office of Attorney General to protect and cover for her political allies like Gretchen Whitmer. She's refusing to investigate the nursing home scandal -- where THOUSANDS of older Michiganders DIED because of the decisions made by the Whitmer administration to place COVID-positive patients in these nursing homes. Gretchen Whitmer and Dana Nessel put lives at risk and no one is paying the price!

She supports Gretchen Whitmer who wants to defund the police and defund ICE. This is a disgrace. We should back the blue and those that keep our neighborhoods safe!

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