FACT CHECK: Whitmer Won’t Be Known As A Fix-The-Damn-Roads Governor.

October 5 2021

October 5, 2021

FACT CHECK: Whitmer Won’t Be Known As A Fix-The-Damn-Roads Governor


LANSING, MICH – At an earlier rally with Joe Biden promoting tax hikes on middle class Michiganders, Gretchen Whitmer made claims about fixing the roads, a promise she made to Michigan voters and has not delivered on.

“Michigan Democrats, led by President Biden, try to play by their own rules. To add insult to injury, they now hope that Michiganders will have short memories and forget the laundry list of broken promises. We won’t.

“Families are in for tax hikes under this President and every Democrat that showed up to welcome these policies in Michigan should be worried. We will send a clear message when we retire Gretchen Whitmer and her cronies by electing a new Republican Governor to bring economic prosperity once again.” – Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Communications Director


  • Whitmer has been promising that she will “fix the damn roads” since the early months of her 2018 campaign.
  • Whitmer repeated her promise to fix the roads throughout 2018 and promised to follow through in her victory speech and her inaugural address.
  • However, Whitmer failed to deliver on that promise.
  • Whitmer’s current road plan only seeks to improve state-owned roads called trunklines, leaving county and local roads “in the dust.”
  • According to Whitmer’s own “Rebuilding Michigan Program” tracker, after three years in office, most of her planned road improvement projects have either not been started or have barely started.


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