Statement from MRP Chairman Ron Weiser on President Biden and Former Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Visit to Michigan

August 5 2021

August 5, 2021

Statement from MRP Chairman Ron Weiser on President Biden and Former Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Visit to Michigan 

Lansing, MI – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser released the following statement regarding President Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s tour of manufacturing facilities in southeastern Michigan:

“As former governor of this great state, Energy Secretary Granholm should understand the struggles Michiganders continue to face post-pandemic. Instead of accompanying President Biden and Rep. Elissa Slotkin on a tour touting their reckless vision for the future, the trio should be focused on the soaring inflation and gas prices of today, with Michigan families paying for the failures of this administration every time they go to buy a gallon of milk or fill up their gas tank to get to work.”

“It’s sad but no surprise that Granholm and Biden have personally benefitted from blurred, unethical boundaries relating to electric vehicle company Proterra. Michiganders have always demanded and deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials. Secretary Granholm sweeping personal profits under the rug (to the tune of $5 million in stock options) is an absolute dereliction of that responsibility.”



  • Granholm once served as a board member for Proterra, an electric vehicle and battery manufacturer. As part of her employment with the company, she held up to $5 million in stock options.
  • Granholm waited until May 27, 2021, to divest her Proterra shares, earning an additional $1.6 million profit from her shares.
  • Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have used Proterra, despite the mounting conflict of interest between the manufacturer and administration, as the standard-bearer for its electric vehicle push.

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