Gov. Whitmer: East Lansing Dive Bar Bouncers Safer Than Airport TSA

May 27 2021

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gov. Whitmer: East Lansing Dive Bar Bouncers Safer Than Airport TSA

Whitmer’s actions could trigger investigations by FAA, IRS, SOS and AG. 

LANSING, MICH—New details on Gov Gretchen Whitmer’s secret unvaccinated private jet trip to Florida during a COVID-19 surge in Michigan have emerged, raising new questions about the financial arrangements surrounding the trip and Whitmer’s lack of transparency around the matter.

After being caught red-handed, Whitmer now argues that a private plane was needed for security reasons due to threats against her.

Meanwhile, Whitmer was recently photographed inside an East Lansing dive bar with over a dozen people and little to no security in sight.

“Gov. Whitmer continues to mislead Michiganders in an attempt to defend the indefensible,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director for the Michigan Republican Party. “She claims she needed a private jet to Florida for security purposes but has no issue partying it up in public on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing. It’s a disgrace.”

Whitmer’s re-election campaign will now pay for the $27,521 cost of the flight to Florida, not the nonprofit corporation Whitmer initially indicated as the source of payment.

New Details

It is now known that Whitmer flew to Florida March 12th with a security detail but flew back March 15th with both the security detail and her two daughters, who had already been in Florida when Whitmer.

The Detroit Free Press reported that on or around March 8, an aide to Whitmer contacted a private company to ask if the company had an aircraft that could fly the governor to Florida and arrangements were soon made.

“When it comes to Gov. Whitmer, it’s, “rules for thee, but not for me,” added Goodman.

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