Gov. Whitmer Prioritizes Personal Political Power Over COVID Relief for All Michiganders

March 10 2021

Gov. Whitmer Prioritizes Personal Political Power Over COVID Relief for All Michiganders

It’s a political game to Gov. Whitmer—a game of chutes and ladders. She climbs the ladder; hard-working Michiganders get the chute.

LANSING, MICH—Gov. Gretchen Whitmer shamelessly threw school children, small businesses, and unemployed Michiganders under the bus by vetoing much needed portions of the COVID Relief funding bill Tuesday.

Whitmer’s decision to pick winners and losers will hurt Michiganders looking to make it through the pandemic as we work to safely re-open.

Whitmer vetoed over $840 million in federal K-12 funding, $405 million in business tax relief, $87 million for non-public schools, $150 million into the state unemployment compensation fund and $10 million in aid to parents who enroll their kids in summer school.

“Gov. Whitmer is shamelessly playing political games with Michigan families, small business owners and students,” Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party said. “She vetoed much needed relief simply because the legislature is currently controlled by Republicans. It’s unfortunate that she is making this into a partisan fight for her own personal political gain.”

Read statements from members of the Michigan House of Representatives:

“This is not how our Republic is meant to work. It’s not working for many in our districts. Top-down control, one size fits all solution can be dangerous and has been deadly. I can’t stand idly by as the district suffers. By shutting out the legislature on decision making, all the people who sent us here to represent them are left without a voice. We will continue to use the power of the people’s money as leverage to bring our Grand Republic back to life,” – State Rep. Luke Meerman, District 88

“Today, the governor proved to small businesses and people who are unemployed through no fault of their own that she really doesn’t care how they or their families rebuild their lives after the pandemic. Federal money was set aside to help shuttered businesses and devastated families through the worst crisis of their lives. Instead, the governor has chosen to play partisan politics, choosing winners and losers, rather than extending hope to all Michiganders. This failure is just the latest in her continuing claims that the administration is doing everything possible to save lives,” – State Rep. Daire Rendon, District 103

“The old adage that ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is undeniably true. We have a modern day reminder here in Michigan as Governor Whitmer clings on to her unconstitutional, unilateral decision-making,” – State Rep. Brad Paquette, District 78

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