Gretchen Whitmer Is Soft On Crime!

Welcome to Gretchen Whitmer's Michigan: Where She's Soft On Crime!
- She supports the defund the police movement.
- She supports the defund ICE movement.
- She associates herself with extreme politicians that don't back our brave police officers.

Under Gretchen Whitmer, crime has risen:
- Violent crime increased in Michigan every year after Whitmer was elected governor, including last year.
- Violent crime in Michigan is up 12.7 percent since 2019
- Murders are up 30 percent since 2019.
- Aggravated assaults are up 24.3 percent since 2019.
- Carjackings are up from 764 percent from 2019.
- Motor vehicle thefts are up 20.9 percent from 2019.
- Assaults in police officers rose 31.7 percent since 2019.

According to the Michigan State Policee Crime report in September of 2022, crime in cities has also rise:
- Detroit’s violent crime rate is up more than 11.5 percent since Whitmer took office
- The cities of Grand Rapids and Saginaw saw violent crime rate increases of 50 percent or more.
- Ann Arbor, which hosts the University of Michigan has seen a violent crime rate increase of 17.6 percent.

According to Neighborhood Scout 2 of the 5 most dangerous cities in America are in Michigan.
- Saginaw ranks the 3rd most dangerous city in America.
- Detroit ranks the 4th most dangerous city in America.
- Lansing, Pontiac, Flint, Inkster and Jackson also made the top 50.
- Of the 50 most dangerous cities in America, 7 of them are in Michigan.

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