Hey Jocelyn Benson, Are You Ok With This?

May 18 2022
Rashida Tlaib Thinks It Is Ok To Harass Supreme Court Justices At Their Homes And Invade Churches To Shut Down Worship, A Practice Secretary Of State Benson Used To Complain About. Benson Is One Of Rashida Tlaib’s Top Supporters.

Yesterday, Rashida Tlaib confirmed that she “welcomes” protests at Supreme Court justice’s homes and inside Catholic churches interrupting mass all in the name of a pro-abortion agenda. Secretary of State Benson has on numerous occasions denounced protesters who showed up at her home in 2020 which Benson described as threatening. Will Benson denounce Tlaib for endorsing protests at the private homes of Supreme Court justices or is this just another double standard?

  • Dean Cleary, Research and Rapid Response Director
Rashida Tlaib Approves Of Protests In Front Of The Homes Of Supreme Court Justices

Rashida Tlaib Explained That She “Welcomes” The Protests  At The Homes Of Supreme Court Justices To Push A Pro-Abortion Agenda On Conservative Justices. (Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 5/11/22)

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Secretary Of State Benson Repeatedly Denounced Protesters Who Picketed Her Home In 2020 Which She Said That She Feared For Her Safety

In December 2020, Protesters Picketed In Front Of Benson’s Home. (Miriam Marini, “Protesters Descend On Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson’s Home After Dark,” Detroit Free Press, 12/6/20)

In May 2022, Benson Told MSNBC’s Morning Joe That She Felt “Threatened” By Protesters In Front Of Her Home. (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 5/6/22)

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In January 2022, Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson Told CNN’s Jim Acosta That She Felt “Threatened” By Protesters In Front Of Her House. (CNN’s “CNN Newsroom,” 1/22/22)

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In March 2021, Benson Complained About Protesters That Showed Up At Her Home In 2020. (CSPAN Panel With Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, 3/10/21)

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In December 2020, Benson Said That She Was Concerned For Her Son When Protesters Picketed Her Home In 2020. (CSPAN, 12/15/20)

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Benson Is An Early Supporter Of Tlaib

Benson First Contributed To Rashida Tlaib In 2008. (Michigan Secretary of State, Campaign Finance Database, Accessed 5/11/22)

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