ICYMI: “More Michiganders go without food as pandemic fallout persists,” Mark Cavitt, Oakland Press

April 18 2022

“Food insecurity is a real-world consequence of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failed policies,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Communications Director. “Not only is inflation impacting people’s ability to purchase groceries to feed their families, but they’re also having to choose whether to put gas in the tank or put food on the table. Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden have worked together to tank Michigan’s economy, leaving more and more Michiganders without food and gas needed to go to and from work. When given the opportunity to let Michiganders keep more of what they earn, she vetoed crucial legislation that would have provided immediate relief. She’s not working for Michiganders – she’s working to improve her future political ambitions. We will retire incompetent and out of touch Democrats like Gretchen Whitmer and bring back relief and opportunity for all when we elect a new Republican governor this November.”

More Michiganders go without food as pandemic fallout persists, Mark Cavitt, Oakland Press

Connie Miller said she will keep working to feed people as long as there’s a need, and in recent years, that need has grown…

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