Isabella County Sheriff’s Office Will Stop Driving To Some Calls Due To Record-High Gas Prices

June 9 2022

Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main Said His Office Can No Longer Afford To Keep Their Cars Gassed Up

“As if it isn’t bad enough that Gretchen Whitmer’s actions are slashing through family budgets, now they’re slashing through public safety budgets, too, forcing our officers to cut back on routine patrols,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director. “We’ve already seen a spike in crime in Michigan on Gretchen Whitmer’s watch, and she’s not doing anything to solve this growing problem. Fortunately, this November, Michiganders can make Gretchen Whitmer a one-term governor and elect a Republican to solve all the disasters created and abetted by Gretchen Whitmer and her cronies.”

  • In a shocking revelation in Isabella County, the sheriff’s department blew the whistle that they have “exhausted” its fuel budget and can no longer respond to all calls in person and will be electing to handle some calls over the phone only.
    • Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main said the extra fuel costs have pushed his department to be operating between $30,000 and $40,000 over budget.
  • Saginaw County Undersheriff Miguel Gomez revealed that high costs contributed to his department running $30,000 to $35,000 overbudget and must move money around to keep his vehicle gassed up.
  • Michigan Municipal League CEO Dan Gilmartin said local governments are “scrambling” to find money to handle additional costs of fuel.
    • Gilmartin: “It’s affecting them in the short term … but in the longer term it is going to affect them even more. And it could be significant in some places, especially with all the infrastructure work being done.”
  • Gas prices in Michigan are $5.21 per gallon of regular gas, which is above the national average of $4.97.
    • In the last 12 months, gas prices rose 72.9 percent from $3.01 per gallon.
    • Prices have now hit record-highs.
  • It’s not just police, high gas prices are affecting everybody.
  • Whitmer is failing to act to bring down prices:
  • Whitmer released a climate plan calling for “environmental justice” and to transition away from fossil fuels by reducing natural gas in the state.

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