JFK Library Ignores Whitmer Failures In Order To Prop-Up Failed Governor

May 5 2021

JFK Library Ignores Whitmer Failures In Order To Prop-Up Failed Governor

Whitmer received the award despite her hypocrisy, lack of transparency, and failure to follow the science

LANSING, MICH—The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation awarded Gov. Gretchen Whitmer the “Special Profile in Courage Award,” for her response to the pandemic, even though Michigan has the highest new case rate in the country.

In fact, according to the CDC, Michigan currently has the highest 7-day COVID case rate in the country at 251.5 per 100,000 people—two and a half times the national case rate of 101.6 per 100,000 people.

“Michigan has the highest COVID-19 numbers in the country because of Whitmer’s failed pandemic response,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party. “Thousands of small businesses shut down, hundreds of thousands of children lost out on a proper education, and millions of Michiganders had their livelihoods upended—not because of COVID—but because of Whitmer’s response.”

Whitmer’s pandemic response has destroyed tens of thousands Michigan businesses. As Of January 30, 2021, there were 35.8 percent fewer small businesses open in Michigan which is higher than the national decline of 32.2 percent. In December alone, Michigan had the worst drop in small businesses open in the nation.

In fact, since Whitmer became governor, Michigan has lost over 300,000 jobs, including more than 55,000 manufacturing jobs and more than 14,000 motor vehicle parts manufacturing jobs. She continues to blame the pandemic for her economic performance, but Michigan lost nearly 10,000 manufacturing jobs before the pandemic struck last February.

Under Whitmer, Michigan’s unemployment rate is currently 5.1 percent, considerably higher than Wisconsin at 3.8 percent, Indiana at 3.9 percent and Ohio at 4.7. Michigan’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 26.6 percent at the beginning of the pandemic compared to the national unemployment rate increase of 14.8 percent.

On top of the disastrous track record, Whitmer refuses to be transparent about the impact of her nursing home orders early during the pandemic and has traveled out-of-state despite warning Michiganders from doing the same.

“Who will the JFK Library Foundation honor next?” asked Goodman. “New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his, “sensitivity and treatment of women?”

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