Jocelyn Benson Testifies Before Congress In Support of Democrat Election Bill Despite Election Law Violations

March 24 2021

Jocelyn Benson Testifies Before Congress In Support of Democrat Election System Overhaul Despite Recent Election Law Violations

Benson was chosen by Washington Democrats to Speak in Support of Major Election Overhaul Legislation Despite Recent Election Violations in Lead Up to 2020 Election

LANSING, MICH—Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson spoke before the U.S. Senate’s hearing on S.1., the Democrat Party’s dangerous federal rewrite of the nation’s election system, despite her own major violations of election law in the days leading up to the 2020 election.

Benson spoke in support of the legislation Wednesday, and Democrats buried the fact that a judge recently ruled that Benson’s guidance issued to Michigan clerks in early October to assume the accuracy of absentee ballot signatures violated election law. (RELATED: Judge: Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson Violated Election Law in Early October)

“While states will always serve as laboratories of democracy, federal minimum standards ensure equal protection of every citizen’s right to vote and can prevent attacks on our democracy, both foreign and domestic,” Benson said in a veiled, partisan, attack against Republican legislators at the state and national level looking to restore trust in America’s election process.

Benson also attacked the decentralized nature of the U.S. election system, claiming bad actors,”take advantage of the uneven patchwork of state laws throughout our country.”

If signed into law, the legislation would further threaten both the integrity of elections and the fundamental right to political free speech. It greatly expands ballot harvesting, bans voter identification requirements, and ends meaningful signature verification. (RELATED: Michigan Republicans Introduce Legislation to Protect Election Integrity)

“It’s revealing that Chuck Schumer and Washington Democrats called Benson to testify in support of this irresponsible legislation that chills free speech and hampers legitimate efforts to protect the integrity of our election process,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party.  

Democrats are also calling for the use tax dollars to fund federal political campaigns, meaning voters would be forced to support the candidacy of politicians with whom they disagree.

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