Michigan Democrats Choose Politics Over People with Coronavirus Relief

March 12 2021

Michigan Democrats Choose Politics Over People with Coronavirus Relief

There’s a leadership vacuum among Democrats in the state legislature as they cave to Whitmer’s whims

LANSING, MICH— Democrat state lawmakers exposed themselves as nothing more than political pawns to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer after they flip flopped on a vote to deliver critical relief to Michigander adversely impacted by the pandemic.

After supporting the budget put forth by the state legislature, at least 22 Democrats flip flopped from yes to no at the sole direction of Gov. Whitmer.

Even though Whitmer shamelessly threw school children, small businesses, and unemployed Michiganders under the bus by vetoing much needed portions of the bill, Democrats who had initially supported the relief caved to Whitmer’s politically driven demand to switch their vote.

“The lack of leadership from Democrat state lawmakers is truly stunning,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party said. “Democrat state lawmakers appear to be so afraid of Gov. Whitmer that they’ll sacrifice the needs of small businesses, school children and working families to appease Gov. Whitmer.”

Democrats in Lansing, under Gov. Whitmer’s decision to pick winners and losers, are deliberately hurting Michiganders looking to make it through the pandemic as we work to safely re-open.

Whitmer vetoed over $840 million in federal K-12 funding, $405 million in business tax relief, $87 million for non-public schools, $150 million into the state unemployment compensation fund and $10 million in aid to parents who enroll their kids in summer school.

The following Democrats exposed themselves as nothing more than Whitmer’s pawns

Send all media inquiries to Ted Goodman, communications director, at tgoodman@migop.org.

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