Michigan Republican Party Blasts Whitmer’s Failure to Act as Inflation Soars, Exceeding Predictions

July 13 2022

LANSING, MICH — The Michigan Republican Party criticized Gretchen Whitmer for failing to act to combat inflation as new reports show inflation rose 9.1 percent in June, intensifying the pain Americans and Michiganders have been feeling for months:

“Inflation rose yet again this past month impacting the cost of everything in our state,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director. “As prices increased for the sixth consecutive month, Gretchen Whitmer thought it was appropriate to issue a veto to an inflation relief plan offered by the GOP-led legislature. Yet again, she proves how out of touch she is with the general public suffering from the price hikes caused by her party’s policies. We will fire Whitmer this fall giving Michiganders the much-needed relief they deserve.”

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