Michigan Republican Party Exposes Whitmer For Being Soft On Crime In Latest Digital Ad

September 27 2022

Digital Ad Backed By Six Figure Buy

LANSING, MICH – The Michigan Republican Party released its latest digital advertisement exposing Gretchen Whitmer for being soft on crime and allowing criminals to run wild in Michigan. The ad is backed by a six figure buy designed to bring attention to rising crime in our neighborhoods and demanding action from Gretchen Whitmer.

“Our neighborhoods deserve to be safe and feel safe in Michigan and the reality is that’s not the case right now,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director. “We’re bringing attention to the fact that Gretchen Whitmer has been soft on crime allowing crime to spike thanks to her support for both the defund the police movement and the defunding ICE movement. The extreme movements support getting rid of the agents at the border working actively to stop illegal drugs like fentanyl from flowing into the country and the defund the police movement threatens to divert police department money that could go into training and recruiting more officers into something else. That’s not what Michigan needs right now or ever.”

The ad can be seen here.

Ad Script:

[Whitmer]: “We will make Michigan a place where people come to for opportunities.”

[Newscast]: “No!”

[Narrator]: “Gretchen Whitmer’s Michigan – soft on criminals. Whitmer supports the defund

the police movement.”

[Text]: Gretchen Whitmer’s Michigan – soft on criminals.

[Text]: Whitmer supports defunding the police

[Newscast]: “Do you support the defunding?”

[Whitmer]: “Yeah, I mean the spirit of it I do support that spirit of it.”

[Text]: Carjackings + 764%

[Reporter]: “Carjackings and car thefts are on the rise.”

[Reporter]: “This just seems to happen every single day.”

[Reporter]: “… stole a car with an infant in the backseat.”

[Text]: Violent crimes +12.9%

[Reporter]: “Spike in violent crimes, specifically gang related crime.”

[Text]: Murders +30% from 2019

[Reporter]: “Torturing and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend.”

[Text]: Aggravated assaults +24.3% since 2019

[Reporter]: “The mother of two was killed after dropping her children off at school just yesterday morning.”

[Kamala Harris]: “The border is secure.”

[Text]: Illegal immigrants tell Sterling Heights Police they were moving 20k fentanyl pills for drug cartel

[Reporter]: “Along I-75, while it won’t take you to Mexico, it’s become a pipeline for deadly drugs from Mexican cartels.”

[Text]: Michigan breaks grim record: More drug overdose deaths than ever, again

[Reporter]: “In Detroit, that’s meth in fresh from Mexico ready for sale.”

[Text]: Rainbow fentanyl

[Text]: Rainbow fentanyl warning in Michigan

[Text]: Fentanyl warning in Michigan

[Reporter]: “Deadliest drug threat in America only took days to appear in Michigan.”

[Text]: Whitmer supports abolishing I.C.E.

[Newscast]: “You think we should abolish I.C.E.?”

[Gretchen Whitmer]: “Ya!”

[Interviewee]: “The border is open.”

[Gretchen Whitmer]: “I’m ridin’ with Biden!”

[Narrator]: “Call Gretchen Whitmer, and tell her to stop being soft on crime.”

[Text]: Call Gretchen Whitmer 517-335-7858. Stop being soft on crime.

[Text]: Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party.

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