Michigan Republicans Highlight Nessel’s Abuse of Power, Misguided Priorities

March 22 2021

Michigan Republicans Highlight Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Abuse of Power, Misguided Priorities

Nessel is spending taxpayer money going after small business owners, but refuses to investigate nursing home deaths

HOLLAND, MICH—Michigan Republican State Legislators highlighted Attorney General Dana Nessel’s misguided use of power Monday in Holland, after Nessel locked up a small business owner for keeping her pizzeria open to the public.

The Press Conference was streamed live online by the Michigan Republican Party.

Sen. Aric Nesbitt (District 26), Sen. Roger Victory (District 30), Rep. Mary Whiteford (District 80) and Rep. Steve Johnson (District 72) spoke about the disproportionate response by Nessel and the Whitmer Administration.

“A year ago, the Governor started her economic suppression and her lockdowns of this state and we’ve continued to see the attorney general of this state use her power for partisan political differences,” Sen. Nesbitt said. “Our left-wing attorney general, Dana Nessel, refuses to investigate Governor Whitmer’s tragic nursing home policies, but is spending time going after this small business and other small businesses around the state.”

Marlena Hackney, who escaped communist rule in Poland as a teenager, was arrested Friday for—as Nessel’s office put it—continuing to, “willfully violate the state’s food laws.”

“Marlena simply wants to work to support her family and the families of her employees,” said Rep. Whiteford, who represents the District where Marlena’s restaurant is located. “She reminds me of my dad, never wanting government handouts. Every one of her customers has chosen to eat in her restaurant. They refuse to let government dictate their lives. Governor Whitmer must order her agencies to back down.”

Hackney closed her almost 20-year business in March 2020 after Whitmer declared a COVID emergency and imposed her first lockdown orders. She then reopened when some of the restrictions were lifted by summer.

When Whitmer reimposed a ban on indoor dining in the fall, Hackney chose to remain open in order to serve patrons, protect her employees, and to continue pursuing her version of the American Dream.

“Nessel, just like Whitmer, is eager to spend taxpayer-funded resources going after her political opponents and small business owners jsut trying to get by, but refuses to investigate the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party. “It’s a massive abuse of power and we must hold our elected leaders accountable.”

Send all media inquiries to Ted Goodman, communications director, at tgoodman@migop.org.

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