Michigan Republicans Introduce Legislation to Protect Election Integrity

March 23 2021

Michigan Republicans Introduce Legislation to Protect Election Integrity

Republicans introduced election reform measures Wednesday as part of comprehensive package to protect election integrity and restore confidence in the process

LANSING, MICH—Senate Republicans introduced two bills Wednesday as part of a package of sweeping election reform measures to improve voting access in Michigan, ensure election integrity and restore trust in the process.

“Everyone should have faith in the integrity of our state’s elections,” said Sen. Lana Theis, R-Brighton. “But as a member of the Senate Oversight Committee, through hours of testimony over many months, I have heard firsthand accounts that people’s faith has eroded. The reforms introduced today seek to make Michigan’s elections more secure, more accurate and trustworthy, while at the same time streamlining participation in the elections process.”

The Senate Republican measures include 39 bills covering a broad range of issues dealing with processes before, during and after an election, including the protection of ballot security in drop boxes, ensuring proper management of the state’s Qualified Voter File, requiring training of poll challengers, and ensuring audits are bipartisan and open to the public.

Senate Bills 273-311 were referred to the Senate Elections Committee.

“The integrity of our elections should be a top priority for every Michigander,” said Ted Goodman, communications director of the Michigan Republican Party. “Republican leaders in Lansing are committed to restoring the public’s confidence in our elections, and eliminating as many opportunities to commit fraud as possible while making sure every eligible Michigander can exercise their right to vote.”

The legislation is the result of months of committee testimony, records reviews from the secretary of state related to the election and evaluations of Michigan’s elections processes after the November 2020 election.

Send all media inquiries to Ted Goodman, communications director, at tgoodman@migop.org.

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