MIGOP Blasts Biden, Whitmer After New Inflation Indicator Shows Economy Continues To Suffer From Democrat Failures

April 13 2022

Lansing, MI – The Michigan Republican Party released a statement after a new inflation indicator showed wholesale prices have increased 11.2 percent from last year:

“As if we didn’t already know Joe Biden and the Democrats were single-handedly responsible for the historic inflation and gas prices we are witnessing, a new inflation indicator shows wholesale prices have spiked 11.2 percent from last year,” said Elizabeth Giannone, MIGOP Deputy Communications Director. “The only thing Joe Biden has accomplished during his term has been to break inflation records, to the detriment of Americans and Michiganders struggling to afford basic necessities. As our economy continues to crumble because of Democrat failures, we won’t forget Gretchen Whitmer’s ardent support of Joe Biden and these policies. Michiganders will retire her this November and usher in an era of Republican leadership to fix the mess left behind by her incompetent administration and fight bad Democrat policies.”

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