MIGOP Blasts Redistricting Commission for Requesting More Than One Million Dollars of Taxpayer Money to Fund Defense of Failures

April 26 2022

Lansing, MI – The Michigan GOP released the followed statement after the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission on Tuesday asked lawmakers for more than one million taxpayer dollars to fund litigation costs:

“After violating the state constitution by closing meetings to the public, masquerading two Democrats as independent members, approving a pay raise for themselves despite a budget shortfall, and gerrymandering Michigan districts, the commission’s latest blunder includes a request for more than one million taxpayer dollars to fund the defense of their incompetencies and failures,” said Elizabeth Giannone, MIGOP Deputy Communications Director. “Any claims by the commission that they are fiscally responsible, transparent, or nonpartisan are nothing more than delusions, and they do not deserve anything more from the public, be it trust or money.”

Read more about it here.

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