MIGOP Encourages Lawmakers to Repeal Blaine Amendment

February 12 2022

MIGOP Encourages Lawmakers to Repeal Blaine Amendment

LANSING, MICH – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser released the following statement after the Republican State Central Committee voted to encourage lawmakers to repeal the Blaine Amendment:

“Democrats can’t deny that their policies had adverse impacts on Michigan students, many of which will last a lifetime. The data has been clear that students forced out of classrooms suffered severe learning loss compared to their in-person peers,” said Ambassador Ron Weiser, MIGOP Chairman. “The Blaine Amendment prohibits students and families from receiving equitable educations based on individual learning needs. I am proud that the Republican Party is the one standing behind our students and their families on this issue and that the State Central Committee voted to uphold those values by voting to encourage the legislature to formally and finally repeal the amendment today. Simply put, our kids are our future, and we will continue fighting tooth and nail to ensure they receive the educations they deserve.”

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