MIGOP Slams Whitmer For Lack Of Economic Relief Amid Historic Inflation

August 12 2022

LANSING, MICH – The Michigan Republican Party issued a statement criticizing Gretchen Whitmer for her lack of leadership in providing economic relief amid historic inflation brought on by her party:

“Inflation is forcing working Michiganders to slash their family budgets as everything is becoming more expensive thanks to Democrat policies and that most definitely continues to include gasoline prices,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director. “Look no further for proof than gasoline consumption plummeting this summer to below pandemic levels as expensive gas keeps families from filling up. At the same time, three times Gretchen Whitmer was given an opportunity by the Republican legislature to provide relief and three times she denied Michiganders relief. This November, Michiganders will have the chance to move past this out of touch smug attitude from Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden by electing Tudor Dixon to help bring prosperity and opportunity back to Michigan.”

Prices continue to be 65% more expensive than when Joe Biden took office.

Michiganders have already spent an additional $1,500 on outrageous energy costs thanks to Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer. That’s money lost forever, and money Michiganders can’t afford to lose.

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