MIGOP Welcomes Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to Michigan as White House Policies Destroy Livelihoods

March 11 2022

Lansing, MI – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser released the following statement ahead of Energy Secretary, and former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm’s visit to Michigan alongside fellow Democrat Dan Kildee:

“It was during Jennifer Granholm’s tenure as governor that Michiganders suffered through the lost decade – a time when wages dramatically decreased and economic uncertainty was the norm, similar to what we are experiencing under the helm of Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer today,” said Ambassador Ron Weiser, MIGOP Chairman. “Michiganders haven’t forgotten how Jennifer Granholm, when asked directly what her plan would be to alleviate economic pain for Americans, just laughed. The Democrat Party has long been anti-American energy independence and today’s visit is nothing more than a theatrical political stunt. It’s crucial we vote out Michigan progressives like Dan Kildee so we can bring energy independence and economic freedom back to our great nation with Republican leadership.”

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