Pure Whitmer, Pure Hypocrisy

May 5 2021

Pure Whitmer, Pure Hypocrisy

Rules for thee, but not for me


LANSING, MICH—The Michigan Republican Party released the following ad, highlighting and exposing Gov. Whitmer and the Democrat Party for the hypocrites they are.


Here in Michigan, we sacrifice and do the right thing for our fellow Michiganders.

When Governor Whitmer mandated we cancel vacations and weddings to help stop Covid-19 – we did it. When forced to visit our loved ones through glass windows, as hard as it was, we listened.

If, however, you are the Governor and you really want to go see your family in Florida—because we all miss our families—then go ahead. And if you get caught, just lie.

If the Governor says no spring break this year, then that goes for all of us. Except of course if you are the person in the Governor’s office who is in charge of vaccine distribution, and needing a girl’s trip to Florida, then have a good time. Don’t worry about failing to fill out the state’s vaccine order, missing the deadline to get an additional 360,000 doses during a massive Covid surge. Your tan will be on point this summer.

And as much as we might all want to get a condo in sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama, we should heed Whitmer’s advice. Unless you’re her public health director, while Covid cases are #1 in the nation, then bon voyage!

Remember Michigan, we are all in this together.

We play by the rules.

Unless you are Governor Whitmer

Or Work for Whitmer

And in that case, play by your own rules.

Pure Hypocrisy. Pure Whitmer.

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