March 8 2022

“Gretchen Whitmer promised to bring down the cost of auto insurance and failed, Michiganders are paying over $1,000 more than the national average,” said Dean Cleary, MIGOP Research and Rapid Response Director. “Now, Whitmer is trying to take credit for the work of Michigan House and Senate Republicans who pushed through a $400 refund back to the public to provide relief for Whitmer’s broken promise.”

  • Whitmer continues campaigning on the $400 auto insurance refund checks, which was championed by House and Senate Republicans and passed through the legislature as part of the bipartisan auto reform legislation passed in 2019.
    • Whitmer initially fought insurance reform but was eventually forced to sign it.
    • However, these checks only mitigate how expensive insurance is in Michigan and highlights Whitmer’s failure to bring down the cost of insuring a vehicle in the state.
  • In her 2018 campaign, Whitmer promised to “bring down the cost of auto insurance” rates in the state.
  • However, she failed; auto insurance rates in Michigan are the 2nd highest in the nation with only Louisiana being more expensive.
    • Even with the $400 refund, Michigan would still rank 4th in the nation in auto insurance premiums and would still have the highest rates in the Midwest.
  • The average American pays only $1,529 per year on auto insurance meaning Michiganders as a whole pay 72.6 percent more and Detroiters pay 233.7% more for insurance than the Average American respectively.
    • The best selling car/truck sold in the U.S. is the Ford F-Series which costs $1,525 on average nationally to insure.
    • There is no location in Michigan in which the average car insurance premium is below $1,800.
  • The least expensive location for auto insurance in Michigan is in Shoreham at $1,886 per year which is still more expensive than the most expensive locations in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

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