Redistricting Commission Revisits Decision to Hire Democrat Activist Lawyer

April 15 2021

Redistricting Commission Revisits Decision to Hire Democrat Activist Lawyer

LANSING, MICH—The Michigan Independent Citizen’s Redistricting Commission voted on a resolution to reconsider the hire of Democrat donor, activist attorney Bruce Adelson to advise the Commission on the redistricting process.

“It was encouraging to see bi-partisan support for the reconsideration of hiring Democrat Activist Bruce Adelson as an attorney advisor to the Commission,” said Ron Weiser, Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. “If the Commission keeps Adelson, it should bring on a second Republican attorney to remove any appearance of partisan political bias.”

Adelson, a Maryland-based lawyer, is a Democrat donor. His bias has been noticed by respected elections experts, including former FEC attorney Hans Von Spakovsky, who called out Adelson as a Democrat activist.

A Democrat and independent member of the Commission joined to Republicans in support the resolution to reconsider the hire, but a 5-4 vote decision will keep Adelson on as an attorney.

Adelson’s donations to Democrats, his partisan rhetoric on both social media, and his academic writings, betrays the independent character of the Commission and creates the appearance of bias.

Vote to Reconsider the Vote to Hire Bruce Adelson


Rhonda Lange (R)

Erin Wagner (R)

MC Rothhorn (D)

Richard Weiss (N)


Doug Clark (R)

Juanita Curry (D)

Janice Vallette (N)

Steve Lett (N)

Rebecca Szetela (N)


Cynthia Orton (R)

Brittni Kellom (D)

Dustin Witjes (D)

Anthony Eid (N)

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