Senate Republicans Respond to Jocelyn Benson’s Lies & Mischaracterizations

April 21 2021

Senate Republicans Respond to Sec. Jocelyn Benson Press Conference

LANSING, MICH—Republican Senators responded to Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson’s divisive press conference Wednesday—a conference full of lies and fearmongering.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey

“If obtaining an ID is seen as an impediment to voting or a barrier to the dozens of other basic activities that require an ID—let’s fix it and let’s fix it now,” said Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey in an op-ed published in The Detroit News Sunday. “It is criminal that in the 21st century government has not yet figured out how to provide an ID to every person who qualifies for one. And that’s a problem, not just on Election Day, but today.”

Sen. Ruth Johnson, Chair of the Senate Elections Committee

“This kind of language is like WWE for politics. It’s all pre-planned and staged, just-for-show rhetoric,” said Sen. Ruth Johnson, Chair of the Senate Elections Committee. “By nature, this process is bipartisan. These bills haven’t even gone through the committee process—during that period we will take input from all sides and all stakeholders before going to the next chamber for their process. And then, of course, they will be on a Democratic governor’s desk for her signature.”

Sen. Ed McBroom, Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee

“I’m disappointed because this is exactly the same kind of inflammatory rhetoric that’s damaging to the democratic process that Democrats blasted Republicans for using back in November,” said Sen. Ed McBroom, Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee that led hours of careful investigation into the November 2020 election. “We need to get past the rhetoric and hypocrisy and down to the productive, civil conversation that will improve our elections process.”

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