Whitmer Administration Continues to Demonstrate Incompetence in COVID Response

April 13 2021

Whitmer Administration Continues to Demonstrate Incompetence in COVID Response

LANSING, MICH—Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration continues to flail in its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as Michigan’s infection rate skyrockets.

Whitmer, who publicly campaigned to be President Biden’s running mate, posting cute memes that they were “BFF’s forever,” was rebuffed by the President in her request for additional vaccinations, the same week that it was revealed that her administration failed to request 360,000 vaccinations available to the state.

After blaming Florida for the Michigan increase and urging schools and youth sports to shut down, it was revealed that a top Whitmer aide, responsible for the vaccine distribution, ignored those warnings and went to Florida for spring break. A family member of the aide contracted COVID-19 yet that exposed aide got an airplane with family and friends putting other people at risk.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s draconian lockdowns and incoherent shutdown orders have destroyed livelihoods, hurt families, and kept kids back from their education,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director, Michigan Republican Party. “All this damage has been wrought by the Whitmer Administration, and Michigan still leads the nation in new COVID-19 cases. She can no longer blame Republicans for her disastrous response and failure to lead – this is 100% on her and her failed leadership.”

Whitmer’s Lieutenant Governor, Garlin Gilchrist, went on CNN this weekend claiming that, “we can vaccinate our way out of this pandemic… …and that’s core to our strategy going forward.” Gilchrist’s comments directly contradict guidance of President Joe Biden’s CDC director who explicitly said Michigan can’t vaccinate our way out of this.

Whitmer’s administration must be transparent and clarify their strategy because, despite Whitmer’s draconian shutdowns and unscientific lockdowns through more Executive Orders than almost any other state, Michigan continues to lead the nation in COVID-19 cases.

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