Whitmer Hypocrisy: “None For Me, But Plenty Of Rules For Thee”

December 25 2021

Whitmer Hypocrisy:

None For Me, But Plenty Of Rules For Thee

  • During the pandemic Whitmer flew on a private jet to Florida against her own guidance.
  • Whitmer’s husband traveled north to their second home in Antrim County despite Whitmer’s own restrictions.
    • When confronted, Whitmer claimed it was ok because her husband was only traveling up north to rake leaves.
    • Whitmer dismissed criticism over her families’ hypocrisy as people are just “looking for faults.”
    • Whitmer claimed that her husband was only joking when he asked a boat dock company to speed up his request to get a dock for his boat installed.
  • Whitmer was pictured at Landshark Bar & Grill around a crowded table with no social distancing measures or masks despite it being a violation of her own rules.
  • Whitmer was caught dancing without a mask at a bar in DC despite her own guidance and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s indoor mask mandate.
  • Whitmer ran on getting money out of politics but accepted nearly $4 million in illegal contributions that even her own Secretary of State said she may have to return.
  • Whitmer campaigned on “tough new lobbying rules

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