Whitmer Wednesday: Whitmer Failed the Auto Industry

July 13 2022

When Is Whitmer Going To Stop Lying About Her Failed Record On Creating Auto Jobs

“The numbers don’t lie, and what they do tell us is actually a very sad story about the state of the automotive industry in Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer’s tenure,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director. “Whitmer lost thousands of auto jobs to other, more business-friendly states, like Kentucky and Tennessee. While companies like Ford invest there and elsewhere, Michigan continues to lose out time and time again. Michigan voters see right through the Democrats’ charade and are ready to usher in a new era this fall.”

Whitmer Is Lying, She Lost Thousands Of Auto Jobs Under Her Watch

More Than Half Of All Auto Investments From The Big Three Auto Companies Headquartered In Michigan Are Directed Out Of State

  • According to a review of publicly open-sourced announcements from the big three auto companies, 56.66 percent of all auto investments from the big three auto companies since January 2019 have made outside of Michigan.
    • A review of Ford Motor Companies’ press releases, show that since January 2019, Ford made $14.10 billion in investments for auto production in states outside of Michigan, nearly three-quarters of their total investments.
    • A review of General Motors’ announcements as compiled by GMAuthority.com, show that since January 2019, GM made $8.05 billion in investments for auto production in states outside of Michigan.
    • A review of Stellantis North America’s press releases, show that since January 2019, FCA North America made $3.13 billion in investments for auto production in states outside of Michigan.
  • A total of $25.28 billion in auto investments left Michigan since January 2019.

Whitmer Has Consistently Failed To Secure Auto Investments In Michigan

  • In April, Stellantis announced that they will be opening up a second electric vehicle battery plant and chose Kokomo, Indiana over two locations in Michigan.
    • Detroit News: “The investment would mean Michigan has failed to win any battery plants from the transatlantic automaker’s first round of gigafactory investments.”
    • Both Monroe County and Wayne County put in a bid for the factory.
    • Stellantis chose Indiana because they provided favorable business incentives.
    • Whitmer is sitting on $500 million in cash grants which Republicans in the legislature set aside to “help seal economic development deals”
  • In 2022, Stellantis and LG announced a $4.1 billion [Stellantis,%20LG%20Energy%20Solution%20invest%20$4.1B%20for%20EV%20battery%20plant%20in%20Windsor]investment in Ontario building electric vehicle batteries in Windsor, just across the river from Detroit creating 2,500 Canadian jobs.
    • Whitmer secured a smaller $1.7 billion deal with LG which will create a much smaller 1,200 jobs in Holland.
    • [Stellantis,%20LG%20Energy%20Solution%20invest%20$4.1B%20for%20EV%20battery%20plant%20in%20Windsor]The Detroit News: “Michigan has missed out on another electric-vehicle battery plant – this time, to its neighbor across the Detroit River.
  • In 2021, Whitmer failed to place a bid on a Ford Motor Company electric vehicle expansion.
    • Ford decided to open up factories in Tennessee and Kentucky, an $11.4 billion investment which created 11,000 jobs between those states.
    • The Detroit News Editorial: “Michigan not ready to compete for EV future.”
    • Whitmer [Whitmer%20says%20surprise%20Ford%20plant%20announcement%20was%20wake-up%20call%20to%20update%20state%20economic%20plan]refused to take responsibility for losing out on Ford’s electric vehicle manufacturing expansion.

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