Whitmer Wednesday: Whitmer Failed The People Of Michigan

August 10 2022

This November, Michiganders Will Have The Opportunity To Change Course

“Gretchen Whitmer’s numerous failures have spurred Michiganders to become even more active in our elections processes, as we saw with last week’s historic high Republican voter turnout and as enthusiasm for Tudor Dixon grows. From failing to bring and keep manufacturing jobs in our state to implementing unconstitutional lock down measures and more, Michiganders are fed up with Whitmer’s incompetence. Tudor Dixon is the only answer to Gretchen Whitmer’s negligence, and we are confident voters will sweep the ballot box in a red wave this fall.” – Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director

Michigan Will Not Forget What Whitmer Did To Ordinary Michiganders

  • Whitmer defied the will of the people, the legislature, the courts and the law when she shut down the state in one of the most pathetic power trips in recent American history.
    • Whitmer’s unconstitutional lockdown led to 37 percent of small businesses shutting their doors, exceeding the national average of businesses who were forced to close during the pandemic.
    • According to an April 2021 study sponsored by Facebook, 36 percent of small businesses in Michigan laid off staff during the pandemic with 56 percent of those small businesses reporting that they laid off half or more of their staff.
  • Whitmer repeatedly failed to attract businesses into Michigan as electric vehicle and battery makers as well as semiconductor manufacturers chose other Midwest states to do business in.
    • Whitmer failed to revive Michigan’s auto sector and resorted to lying about it.
    • There are 122,700 fewer jobs today than when Whitmer took office In January 2019.
  • Whitmer did not fix the roads and ignored the water crisis in Benton Harbor for three years.
  • The Whitmer administration used the levers of power to persecute their political opponents while blocking legitimate investigations into their corruption.
  • The Whitmer administration tried to cover up that they had over 8,000 long-term care center deaths after Whitmer fought with the legislature and health officials not to separate COVID-19 positive nursing home patients from the healthy patients.

Political Forecasters Agree That Whitmer Is Vulnerable

Whitmer Was Ridin’ On The Biden Train Which Has Been Derailed

  • Gretchen Whitmer was ridin’ with Biden and after disaster after disaster that train has derailed.
  • Biden has been a disaster for America.
    • Biden has plunged the U.S. economy into recession.
    • Biden has kept his promise to “end fossil fuel” causing a massive surge in energy costs including record high gas prices.
    • Biden caused record inflation after spending billions of dollars we don’t have on an ideological spending spree.
    • There have been food shortages in our supermarkets and our supply chains have been decimated.
  • Biden’s approval rating is now 39.5 percent according to the Real Clear Politics average
  • In March 2020, Whitmer endorsed Joe Biden for President. 
    • Whitmer spoke at the 2020 DNC virtual convention where she called Joe Biden “tested” and “proven.” 
    • Whitmer campaigned for Biden and Harris at numerous campaign events in Michigan. 
  • Whitmer backed President Biden’s unconstitutional employer vaccine mandate. 
    • Whitmer initially opposed the mandate, telling business leaders in rural Montcalm County that the mandates are “a problem for all of us.” 
    • However, after pressure to conform, Whitmer got in line with the Biden talking points and backed the employer mandates saying “I appreciate what President Biden is trying to accomplish … It’s about saving lives. It’s about getting more people vaccinated.” 
  • Biden and Whitmer prolonged getting Michiganders back to work.
    • Biden pushed for unemployment checks that prolonged unemployment by incentivizing workers not to return to work.
    • The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) improperly paid $8.5 billion in fraudulent or ineligible claims after the UIA invented four edibility criteria categories not authorized by the CARES act.
    • UIA knowingly paid out thousands of fraudulent claims after gutting the fraud investigation unit and stripping away even the basic fraud protection protocols.
  • Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline which blocked thousands of good-paying American jobs, many of which were in construction.
    • Whitmer upped the ante in a ‘hold my beer’ moment, and blocked the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline which will cause $5.4 billion of economic damages in southeast Michigan and Ohio and lead to the loss of thousands of skilled trade and union jobs.

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