Whitmer’s Incompetent COVID Response Comes Into Focus

April 16 2021

Whitmer’s Incompetent COVID Response Comes Into Focus

LANSING, MICH—Gov. Gretchen Whitmer claimed, “we’re making progress,” and asserted that, “we’re starting to see things look as though they’re slowing down a bit,” during a national news interview with ABC News Live.

Whitmer’s assertions aren’t backed by data, which shows Michigan is facing the worst numbers in the country. The following chart demonstrates how Whitmer’s incompetence has made Michigan number one in new COVID cases, with no end in sight.

(via NYTimes)

“The Governor is attempting to appease far-left elements of her party who want to see the government lock us all down, but understands that Michiganders won’t stand for it, so she’s unable to take decisive action,” said Ted Goodman, Communications Director for the Michigan Republican Party. “She isn’t demonstrating leadership. Just partisanship and finger-pointing.”

Whitmer is defending her policy decisions made throughout the pandemic and has repeatedly directed blame at the people of Michigan, referring to a “compliance” problem. She’s scoffed at questions asking if she’d review aspects of her administration’s own policy decisions, even as COVID numbers reach record levels across Michigan.

Whitmer is also defending vacations by top health aides to Florida and Alabama.

“I’m not going to get distracted by partisan hit jobs on my team,” Whitmer said when asked to explain why Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Director, Elizabeth Hertel chose to vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama last week at a time when Michigan leads the nation in new COVID-19 cases. (RELATED: Whitmer’s Top Health Official Vacations As Michigan Leads Nation in New COVID-19 Cases)

Important to note is that before traveling south to Alabama and Florida, theWashington Post revealed that the Whitmer administration failed to request 360,000 vaccinations available to the state, something the Biden Administration brought to Whitmer’s attention.

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